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City: Nicosia
Location: To be announced
Reg/tion Deadline: 01/07/2019
From: 07/07/2019 08:30
To: 14/07/2019 18:00
Participation Fee: €450
Credit Units: 6
Trainer: Andreas Solomou
ECDL CTP - Certified Training Professional


This workshop is intended for trainers who wish to certify their training skills and become CTP - Certified Training Professionals from the ECDL Foundation. 

  • Trainers, instructors and teachers in the field of computing and Infomation Technollogy
  • Individuals in the field of Computing and IT who wish to gain profesional expertise
  • Personnel that priovide computing support and/or training services within their companies and/or to their clients



By the end of the workshop, participants will :

  • upgrade their training skills
  • be able to identify training needs for different groups of people
  • learn to adopt their training attitude and style to gear towards the training group abilities 
  • learn new techniques for handling class problems, difficult questions
  • learn how to promote best practice in the provision of ECDL training
  • recognize and certify best practice on the part of individual trainers
  • gain the opportunity to promote their competence in training provision
  • provide training organizations with an objective measure of their competence
  • gain an objective and recognizable quality mark for ECDL training
  • form a community of certified trainers which can support individual trainers 

    About the CTP - Certified Training Professional

    ECDL is widely accepted as the defining standard for personal computer users. It has become the most publicly recognised IT certification programme throughout Europe. The rigorous authorisation process and auditing of test centres ensures that the integrity and quality associated with ECDL testing is maintained in all centres throughout the world. There are significant benefits and opportunities to be derived from applying the same quality standards to the provision of training.  There is already a strict approval process for ECDL courseware (training manuals, computer-based-training on CD, internet etc.), which has ensured that the highest standard of courseware is available for candidates. Courseware carrying the ECDL approved courseware logo offers candidates reassurance about the quality and authenticity of the products.

    Until now the provision of classroom-based training by individual trainers and training organisations has been outside the control of the ECDL organizations. While the overall standard of training provided has been very high there has been some concern about the lack of quality training provided by some organizations. For some candidates it has been difficult to evaluate which training provider offers the best training solution for their needs.

    Many training providers and individual trainers have suggested to the ECDL organisations that a trainer certification programme be developed which would allow competent trainers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in an objective way. A certification programme with an award certificate and associated logos and branding would allow competent trainers to promote their services on the basis of the quality of the ECDL training been offered.

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