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Passing Mark
Test Type
Test Duration
1 hour
Testing Software
MS Powerpoint
Suggested Test
Preparation Time

4 hours
€ 68 (₤ 40)
Re-sit Cost
€ 68 (₤ 40)
Logbook Cost
€ 15 (8,78)
Suggested Training Duration
20 - 30 hours
What is it?
Who is it for?

With ECDL Advanced Presentation certification Candidates can:

  • Plan and design more effective presentations with more impact
  • Use advanced features to customise layout and shows
  • Use and manipulate pictures, images and drawn objects, charts/graphs in presentations
  • Add sophisticated multimedia elements to presentations
  • Use the powerful relating tools to link information to other applications

You may already be familiar with the basics of presentation software applications, but

  • Are you getting the most out of the software?
  • Are you creating and presenting the best presentations you possibly can?
  • Are you confident enough with the software to introduce graphics, images and drawn objects to your presentation?
  • Can you tailor your presentation to your audience? Can you link your presentation to other applications or Web pages?
  • Can you add sound, video or animations to your presentation?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no then maybe you need to bring your presentation skills to the next level.

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AM6 Syllabus
AM6 Sample Test (more samples at www.ecdl.org)
Information Sheet
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