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The Process

The following is issued for information and guideline to the ECDL Training Centres. It describes briefly the whole training process and gives guidelines to the Manager and Instructors of the Center.

What to Teach - The Syllabus

Each ECDL Approved Test Centre is responsible to use the official ECDL Syllabus of each of the ECDL products
for training its clients and students. The Centre is responsible for covering fully the whole Syllabus while at the same time additional exercises and sample practice tests must be presented. 

Trainers & Training Methods

ECDL Cyprus recommends that all ECDL Trainers are holders of University Degrees in a Computing related field and holders of the ECDL CTP - Certified Training Professional qualification.

The ECDL CTP ensures that the trainer has achieved a minimum quality level of training, skills and expertise that is required in order to deliver high quality ECDL training.

Training Methods

The ECDL Secretariat is not particularly concerned with the methods of training used by the ECDL Training Centers. The decision as to which training method(s) to use is upto the Centre and the trainers. However, depending on the situation, it is recommended that a combination of the methods below is used: 

  • teacher-led training
  • computer-based-training
  • Internet-based-training
  • individual or group collaborative learning
  • self-paced and controlled learning
  • blended-learning 

or any combination of these methods.

The use of the video project, interactive boards and other instructional media is also highly recommended.

Training Materials

The Approved ECDL Test Centrre is responsible for the use of authentic training materials that have been developed internally at the Centre or purchased from the market. ECDL Cyprus will strictly enforce the laws of the Republic of Cyprus in case that an ECDL Approved Test Centre is found to be using, distributing or maintaining unauthorised training materials.

See the list of training materials approved by ECDL Cyprus.

See the list of training materials approved by the ECDL Foundation.

Duration of Training

Typically, the number of hours of training for each of the seven ECDL modules may vary. The depth and breadth in which the ECDL Syllabus will be covered is also the responsibility of the ECDL Training Center. The ECDL Cyprus Secretariat has set the following as minimum training hours for each of the seven ECDL modules. The ECDL Secretariat highliy recommends to the Test Centers that they use the upper limit as the number of training hours per module by giving additional training materials and practical tests to the candidates.

ECDL Module

Duration of

Training (Hours)

Concepts of ICT 12 - 16
Using the Computer & Managing Files

12 - 16

Word Processing 20 - 24
Spreadsheets 20 - 28
Using Databases 20 - 28
Presentation 20 - 24
Web Browsin & Communication 12 - 16

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