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Test Center Accreditation

ECDL testing takes place at Accredited and Approved Test Centres all over Cyprus. The ECDL Approved Test Centres have been evaluated and have been found to fulfill the requirements and standards that the ECDL Foundation and the Cyprus Computer Society are setting.


The Benefits of Approved Test Centres

Private training centers, public and private schools at all levels, colleges and universities and other training providers are well aware of the importance of Information Technology to the world of work and businesses - and increasingly, to the individual in their day-to-day life. Indeed, many courses already incorporate significant elements of the teaching of basic and advanced computer skills.

The questions that must be answered are: 

  • What is the training programme aiming at?
  • What should the trainee expect upon completion of the training programme?

The answer to these questions are simple: Every training programme should equip trainees with the skills required to do their work more effectively, advance their career prospects and enrich their quality of life. Upon completion of the training programme trainees should be holders of a widely recognized qualification such as the ECDL which meets these needs.

The tangible major benefits for the IT Training Provider which becomes an ECDL Approved Centre are:

  • The process of researching the market to develop, maintain and regularly update a syllabus to reflect the needs of the industy in end-user IT Skills is lengthy, cumbersome and costly. Time and money is saved and all syllabus development costs are eliminated since the training provider uses an open and generic syllabus that is developed by professionals.
  • Provision of training based on the ECDL Syllabus adds value to the content of training as the ECDL is an international standard and gives trainees the flexibility and opportunity to test their skills and receive the ECDL Certification.
  • The ECDL Syllabus is generic and vendor independent thus ensuring that all possible clients (independent of the actual computing tools they use) can be addressed.
  • Training materials (both paper-based and computer-based) that is based on the ECDL Syllabus and for all certification programmes, published by international companies, are available for use by the training provider.

Furthermore, ECDL Approved Centres enjoy a wide range of other benefits, such as:

  • Participation of ECDL trainers in the Trainers Support Programme that offers the chance to trainers to gain the knowledge and skills on a number or ECDL modules so that they can effectively offer them to their clients.
  • Participation in the annual competition for Test Centers
  • Award of free exams
  • Free marketing materials 
Interested to Offer Tests
If you are interested to offer this test please contact Panicos Masouras, ECDL Cyprus Project Manager (tel. 22460680 and email info@ecdl.com.cy) to discuss further on how the specific ECDL can be implemented at your Test Cennter and/or to help you and your organization.
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