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How to Get the ECDL

To gain any of the ECDL Certificates, the Candidate must take and successfully pass one or more tests.

The most widely known ECDL Certification Programme is the ECDL Core. To gain the ECDL Core the candidate must pass a total of seven tests; one theoretical and six practical tests, which are administered throughout Europe and worldwide by Approved Test Centres.

The seven Modules of the ECDL Core Certificate are the following:

  1. Concepts of Information Technology (IT) (Theoretical Test)
  2. Using the Computer and Managing Files 
  3. Word Processing
  4. Spreadsheets 
  5. Database  
  6. Presentation 
  7. Information & Communication 

Module Test 1 is theoretical while all other 6 Module Tests (2-7) are practical.

Module 1 consists of a number of multiple choice and/or short essay type questions. All answers must be provided on the paper given to the candidates.

Modules 2-7 are practical tests and consist of 24-32 questions carrying a total of 32 marks. 

The passing mark for all ECDL Core tests is 75%. To review the ECDL Test Process click here.

Tests are based on the - EUROPEAN COMPUTER DRIVING LICENCE Syllabus which the Candidate can download and review.

Tests can be taken in any order and appropriate training prior to testing is recommended.

All ECDL Core tests last 45 minutes.

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